Pre-Paid Funerals at Frank Jennings Funeral Home

Frank Jennings Funerals have been helping people plan ahead for many years. There is many ways to plan a funeral in Ireland or overseas, that suits your requirements financially and gives you peace of mind.

Planning your own funeral gives you the knowledge to know that family and friends will be spared the burden of having to make funeral arrangements at a difficult time. It also reduces the pressure on families.

Our plans enable you to customise to every detail, ensuring that when the time comes your exact wishes will be carried out.

Planning ahead

We have options available to people who would like to plan ahead. We have a funeral prepay plan to suit everyone. Our plans cover religious and civil funerals in Ireland or overseas and provision can also be made to cover other related items such as death notices, service booklets or hospitality for family and friends.

We are here to help you take care of every detail. To find out more, please call Frank Jennings Funerals on 01-8394719.

Call us for a Quotation, there is no charge for this service. Please note that Quotations are based on the current price list and do not cover any increase in Cemetery charges or additional costs which are generally increased on an annual basis and are outside the control of the Jennings Funerals Undertaker. It is recommended that a copy of the funeral plan is placed with your solicitor for safe keeping.

Frank Jennings Funerals are here to help you prepay your funeral costs, contact us to arrange an appointment to begin the process.

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