Registering after a Death

When a person dies the death must be registered within 3 months by a relative. A death can be registered in any registration office, but you must first have received the ‘Death Notification Form’. This will be given to you by the doctor who attended the person before his/her death or if the person died in the hospital this form will be posted by the hospital for the next of kin. Further details on registering a death and on the location of offices of the registrars are included below.

To register a death, you must bring a Death Notification Form stating the cause of death to any Registration office.  You will obtain this from the doctor who attended the deceased during his/her last illness. You must then complete Part 2 of the Death Notification Form, this contains important information relating to the deceased person, for example his/her or date of birth, his/her occupation and the PPS number of the deceased person. You must then sign the register in the presence of the registrar. You will need to bring photo ID with you when registering the death.

While registering a death is free, acquiring copies of the death certificate are charged. The fees charged for death certificates are as follows:

  • €20 for a full standard death certificate
  • €1 for a copy for social welfare purposes (letter from Department of Social Protection required)
  • €4 for an uncertified copy of an entry in the Register
  • €10 to have a death certificate authenticated (only available from the General Register Office)

Further details on registering a death can be found on Health Service Executive website.

The staff at Jennings Funerals will also endeavour to provide as much assistance as we can to help navigate and guide grieving family member’s through the Registration process, should it be required.

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