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Frank Jennings of Jennings Funerals is proud to be one of the first Irish funeral directors who can offer the elite Rolls Royce Mirage Hearse.

Jennings Funerals is honoured to be the first Irish Funeral Directors to provide the exclusive auto mobile – Mirage Hearse as part of our fleet.

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The name “hearse” come from the Middle English “hearse” which refers to a type of candelabra which holds 15 candles. This was often placed on top of a coffin. During the 17th century the word was changed to meaning the horse drawn carriages that carried a coffin to it’s final resting place.

There are two styles of hearse; the older limousine style and the landau style. Limo style funeral hearses have narrow pillars with lots of glass. The Landau style is more with the rear covered cabin.

As well as the coffin, a funeral hearse will also contain the flowers and wreaths for the deceased from where the deceased lies in repose to the church, synagogue, temple or mosque  to graveyard, cemetery or crematorium.

Jennings Funerals have a number of funeral hearses, most notably the Rolls Royce Mirage. This elite hearse is second to none in opulence and luxury.

The origins of Funeral Hearses can be dated back through the ages as far back and horse and carriage. The first recorded use of an auto mobile being used to carry a coffin was Paris in 1907. The creation of specific auto-mobiles for use to carry coffins originated in America 1909. The concept design of funeral coaches has evolved greatly but the core concept, to help carry a coffin from one venue to another, has not.

As third generation Funeral Directors, Jennings Funerals are proud to provide the “cream of the crop” in funeral hearses with the Mirage Funeral Hearse.

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